About us

Dalian Leong Yang Metal Products Company Limited

Dalian Leong Yang Metal Products Company Limited is an Engineering and Trading company,founded in 1999, specializing in custom engineering services and supply chain management of high performance metal parts and components for export from China.

As a premier international trading company, we literally understand your language and more importantly the standards required within the international arena.

With more than 18 years of experience in foreign trade and manufacturing sectors, we know which goods our factories make competitively to international standards. We pride ourselves on long-term partnerships with 16 competent factories in a mix of manufacturing disciplines.

We always welcome the customers who aim to reduce cost, develop new products or find alternative sources for production. We look forward to a long-term strategic relationships with overseas companies to supply them cost-saving goods from China, while maintaining their quality standards.

"If you are looking for quality,integrity and a view to many years of cooperation, please get in touch".




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